Dentists: How To Finance A Dental Chair?

By | May 10, 2021

The dental chair is the most important investment for a dentist who wishes to settle in a private practice. It is therefore necessary, before choosing this material, to carefully examine the possibilities and methods of its financing.

The components of the dental chair

A dental chair conventionally comprises a reclining chair, one or more articulated arms, a compressor, a set of treatment instruments with micromotors, an air / water blower, a spittoon, a suction system, an operating light, a wheelchair for the practitioner.

Most dental chairs on the market also have an ultrasonic scaler, curing light, amalgam separator, and sometimes a dental x-ray machine attached to the chair itself. On the most sophisticated models, we can even find a mobile intraoral camera and its screen or a dental laser, for example.

The cost of a wheelchair varies on average between 10,000 and 25,000 euros. For x-rays, depending on the technology used, it is necessary to count from 10,000 € to nearly 30,000 €.

Note : in a dental office, you must also finance a sterilization autoclave (approximately € 6,000), storage cabinets, syringe kits, curettes, forceps, spatulas, etc., as well as a microcomputer with its peripherals and professional software.

The financing of the chair

The dental chair and all the equipment and materials necessary for the activity of the dentist can be financed by credit or leasing.

The credit allows the liberal health professional to choose his equipment, then the duration and the terms of repayment of the loan. It is also possible to determine the amount of repayment deadlines according to the duration of the loan.

From a fiscal point of view, the depreciation and interest on the loan are fully deductible from the results of the activity as soon as this loan finances equipment for professional use.

Leasing , on the other hand, can finance all of the dentist’s new equipment and materials, including computer hardware.

Advantage: the health professional chooses himself the equipment he needs and which will be purchased by the leasing company. Of course, he also chooses the duration of the rental and the amount of rents, their frequency and the redemption value at the end of the contract.

From a tax standpoint, rents are deductible from the firm’s results as soon as the leasing finances a property for professional use.